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FAN Affiliated is about to change your life. After years of development, FAN Affiliated is proud to launch its revolutionary game changing Marketplace. A place to do far more than just buy products being offered by your favorite celebs, but create abundant revenue streams for both the merchant as well as the entrepreneur spirited fan. FAN Affiliated's goal is to become the go to one-stop online destination for all celebrity merchandise, products, services, and much much more. Because FAN Affiliated is a membership based marketplace which is socially driven, it was designed to grow its membership via social referrals. For this reason we had to develop a structure that would empower our members with the tools and opportunity to leverage their social media platforms to promote the same opportunity which they have embarked upon to their fans and followers. This is how we created a unique universal revenue stream. In other words, when we get paid, you get paid creating a win-win partnership between our members and Fan Affiliated.

FAN Affiliated will pay 25% for every subscribed membership which is referred by a merchant or member and continue to due so for as long as the referred subscriber is a member. On top of that, FAN Affiliated will pay 20% for orders made from any associated FAN Affiliated products and services. Our goal is to offer a revenue stream opportunity using the data that you already possess, your followers.

Please Understand that we are well aware that the success of FAN Affiliated can only be achieved by our membership, and that's why we are offering our members a profit share in everything that their referral is a part of. Approved influencers will start at a rate of 50% per referral and 25% thereafter for as long as the referred subscriber is a member.

We anticipate an abundance of testimonials of how FAN Affiliated created something new which changed so many lives for the better and are looking forward to sharing them with the world. Our goal at FAN Affiliated is to create, develop, and empower entrepreneurial leaders with the tools to become financially successful by leveraging their social media via a platform that will do the same for others. This is what we call a cycle-based system. In the meantime, leave it to us to continue adding revenue opportunities which will help excel your financial growth. We hope you can find a permanent home with us.

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