In A Nutshell

We provide and opportunity for Social Celebrities to offer products and services at wholesale allowing for a distribution partnership with the celebrity and the entrepreneurial spirited fan. Membership allows you to promote the opportunity to your followers via Social Platforms. Vendor are not limited to celebrity allowing you to sell with the Stars!

Merchant Membership

Although we are a celebrity based marketplace, we are a marketplace for the socially involved. So if you sell products and services you can still be listed among the stars! Please see the merchant requirements.

Wholesale Membership

If you are a fan who desires more from their favorite celebrities, how about a partnership. As a FAN Affiliated Distributor, you have the power to buy original products direct from your celebrity favorites at wholesale.

The Money Machine

Since we are socially driven, we know that the power of FAN Affiliated lies in you and your referrals. Because of this we offer 25% to 50% membership referral fee. Now you have a reason to leverage your social medias.

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Pre-Owned Celebrity Items
Celebrity Auctions
We Creative Something New Together
Co-Branding Partnerships
Music, Movies, Softwares, More
Digital Mfg & Dist.
Influencer Get Top $$$
Max Out On Referral
We Do Promo Merchandise
Customized Products

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