Why The Money Machine

The Money Machine Affiliate Program Is built into our subscription based marketplace. As a member, we pay you for every subscribed member that you refer. Plus, we also pay you for all products and services that your referred member either purchases or uses a members.  But that’s not all.  As a member, your commission is not a one time payout like most platforms, and that’s because most platforms are not member based.  Therefore, we offer commission for the life of your referrals membership. So as long as they are a member, you get paid. This is BIG!  The Money Machine and FAN Affiliated was designed to Share The Wealth by offering unique brands, celebrity goods, digital manufacturing, wholesale buying power, and social merchant / vendor opportunities with more services to come.  What are you waiting for.  Sign up now and turn on your Money Machine!

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What We Do!

With FAN Affiliated, you don’t have to create different streams of income.  Nor do you have to pay to promote yourself, company or your social media. At FAN Affiliated, we do all of this for you by providing the tools to everything that you need to help you benefit from the products and services that we offer by leveraging your existing social platforms.   The only thing that you have to do is “Promote the Opportunity” by following the steps that we have laid out.  If you do this, you will see success in more ways than one.